OGAE Australia Melbourne 2022 Eurovision Preview Party

OGAE Australia

On the 23rd April I attended the OGAE Australia Melbourne 2022 Eurovision Preview Party. I reused my France costume as it was better than my 1st idea that will be used during the viewing parties. There were booths against the walls with flags above them with tables in front of them. There is a split level that just had tables. The stage was in the corner with a screen and the bar had flags wrapped around it. it was located in the Cellar Bar of the Newmarket hotel. The event started at 8pm and went till midnight. and the food at the event was good and people could get drinks from the bar with money, The songs were shown in running order with each of the semi finals and then the big 5 and the host country. My group left at 11:30pm.

The crowd favourites for Semi-final 1 were Ukraine, Moldova and Norway and they filled the dance floor. The Semi-final 2 favourites were Serbia, San Marino, Georgia , Australia and Czech Republic. France, Spain and the UK were the favourites out of the big 5. We were treated to a performance by a member that dressed up in an almost replica of Sheldon’s outfit from Australia decides when Australia’s song was on. The mask moment was included in the performance, which everyone loved. It was a moment when Serbia was on as 3 people performed a version of the choreography.

The countries that send video messages were Estonia , Croatia , Bulgaria and Latvia. Our group of 9 fit around 2 tables had very passionate conversations during the night and we loved Georgia, Finland and France. There was a funny moment during Montenegro when those of us that have asthma waved our inhalers in time, i 1 up everyone else by waving my spacer and 2 inhalers.

The voting period gave us 2 performance, 1 from a member singing an English version of Italy’s 2022 song and the other one was from Vin Tage the special guest for the night. She performed the songs from Estonia 2019, Austria 2014 and Australia 2018. Voting was interesting as it was hard to find reception to submit my votes.

My Top 10
  1. Norway
  2. Georgia
  3. Ukraine
  4. Serbia
  5. Poland
  1. France
  2. Croatia
  3. Estonia
  4. Iceland
  5. Finland

The winning country chosen by the everyone was Sweden with 367 points, 2nd was Norway with 269 points, 3rd was Spain with 264 points. the rest of the top ten was Czech Republic, France, Italy, Moldova, Ukraine, Albania and Austria.

The night overall was great, the energy and environment were perfect. There was a selection of old and more recent songs played during the disco after party. Everyone on the dance floor enjoyed the disco. I enjoyed myself as part of our group. I decided to chair dance and sing as my feet were too sore to stand on. This was my 1st one as a member and I can’t wait till next year.

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