About Me

My name is Rose and I have Asperger’s syndrome, ADD and dyslexia. I live in Melbourne, Australia and have a wide range of interests/obsession that go from the Eurovision Song Contest all the way to Kpop.

My obsession with Eurovision began in 2006 when I saw Lordi win, 2012 was the the year I started to take it seriously. I have been playing the Sims games series for 20 years, starting with the sims 1 and other games outside the main series. I’m currently playing and building in the Sims 4.

The moment I entered the Kpop rabbit hole was in January 2018 when Lucifer by SHINee was played during episode 13 season 3. since then I have found 4 groups and 1 solo artist to stan and those are BTS, Stray Kids , VIXX , Dreamcatcher and AleXa. I have been a whovian since 2004 and have seen all the classic and new who series. My favourite doctors are 5, 10 and 12 .

When I was a teenager I watched a few animes before I knew what anime was, June 2015 was when I started watching anime seasonally. Some of my favourite animes are Black Butler, girls last tour, sailor moon and black clover, Gosick.

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