Eurovision 2022 as K-pop songs

These are the Kpop songs I think are good equivalents to the songs for Eurovision 2022. Norway – Waggy by Mamamoo Finland – What by Dreamcatcher San Marino – Want by Taemin Croatia – IMVU by Taeyeon Georgia – Happy Death Day by Xdinary Heroes Montenegro – The Song of Dann (Promise) by Kingdom FranceContinue reading “Eurovision 2022 as K-pop songs”

Break the Silence: the movie

On the 27th November I attended the 6:30pm screening of break the silence: the movie at Village Cinemas at Knox city. It was good to finally be able to watch it in the cinema after the 2 lockdowns that Melbourne has had. It originally screened in September for the rest of the world including allContinue reading “Break the Silence: the movie”

Stray Kids and Lockdowns

In Melbourne Victoria, Australia we have had 2 lockdowns since March. The 1st lock down wasn’t too bad for me as an introvert. It was another matter altogether when it came to lock down 2.0 from July to October. This one was tougher due to having some freedom between each lock down. Over both theContinue reading “Stray Kids and Lockdowns”