My hair journey

My current hair journey started in March, two weeks before the 1st lock down in Australia. I got my naturally dirty blonde hair dyed brown and red, I was able to make this last for 3-4 months. In June between the lock downs, I decided to get my bob length hair cut short because my bob my bothering me and it was the best decision I made as it got me through the second lock down. During lock down 2.0 I came to the idea to get my hair dyed purple, so I did the research to find the best way to do it that damaged my hair the least.

Brown hair
my brown hair March/June 2020

my blonde hair
My blonde hair November 2020

After all my research I came to the conclusion that working off a lighter base than the brown would show off the purple much better. I was able to get into the hair dressers early to mid November to get my hair cut and go blonde in preparation for the purple.

On the 4th December I got my hair dyed purple and it happened to be the birthday of Jin from BTS so by going purple, I was able to show my love for BTS and army in a big way. The colours I want to do in the future are pink, blue and green. I will be staying away from brown, black , red, orange and yellow. The hairdresser that is helping me on my hair journey is Grace. Her Instagram is hairbygracerogers.

my purple hair
My purple hair December 2020

My Blush Pink hair March 25th
My Blush Pink hair March 25th

On the 25th March I took the next step on my hair journey by going a blush pink instead of a bright or vibrant pink. I discovered that the shade was the same as RM from BTS during the DNA era. The 25th March is also the anniversary of the debut for Stray Kids, so I have been changing my hair colours on dates that have significance.

Kim Namjoon's (RM) hair during DNA era
Kim Namjoon’s (RM) hair during DNA era

On the 21st of May I went from blonde to blue hair in time for my annual Eurovision 3 night viewing party. It was my 1st time experiencing my whole head being bleached, so I had an even base for Grace to work with. It is something I only want to experience once every couple of months to a year. We were aiming for a navy blue, instead I ended up with multiple shades of blue from the one blue hair dye. As of 13th of July 2021 my colour is still vibrant so it will need to be lighten by bleach to be ready for the next colour.

blue hair dyed 21st may 2021
Blue hair 21st May 2021

spilt dyed hair with pink on the left and purple on the right
Spilt Dye pink and purple

I kept my blue hair till November 17th because of the 5th and 6th lockdowns that Melbourne experienced. My hair was a blonde with a pink tint to help transition into the colours for December. On the 2nd December my hair became spilt dye bright pink and dark purple. The pink is on the left and the purple is on the right. It was a 1st for Grace as she hadn’t done spilt dye before.

On the 20th April my colour changed from blond and pink to pink at the roots and orange for the rest of my hair. I decided to change a few weeks earlier than planned so I could get used to the colour before Eurovision in May.

pink at the roots and orange for the rest of the hair
pink and orange hair april 2022

seungmin from Stray kids Case 143 hair colour
Seungmin’s Case 143 Hair Colour

on the 1st December my hair went from blonde to a green based teal for most of my hair except the bangs. My inspiration is seungmin’s Case 143 hair colour.

teal hair with blonde bangs
Teal hair with blonde bangs

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