My personal Eurovision journey

Eurovison 2021 logo
Eurovision 2021 logo

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Eurovision basics

The history of the Eurovision Song Contest

How the voting works

My journey with the Eurovision Song Contest started in 2006 when I saw lordi win without knowing what it was that I had just watched. The 2010 contest was the 1st Eurovision that I watched the whole thing including the semis and the grand final. It has become a key event that I watch every year without fail and 2014 was when I started to analyse all the songs and staging. I took this to another level in 2015 by finding a live stream on YouTube by ESCxtra. This live stream came from inside the press centre of Eurovision and I was able to catch the second round of rehearsals.

2016 was another turning point in my Eurovision journey was adding the pre-parties on top of analysing the songs, so this meant I kept up with all parts that came with Eurovision. This was the year I attended my first Eurovision party here in Australia , it was hosted by friends and the important parts of the experience were dressing up in costumes and joining in drinking games. 2019 was the 1st year that I hosted the annual 3 night Eurovision experience and I would have held them last year if Eurovision wasn’t cancelled.

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