Semi-final 2 Final Thoughts

Here are my final thoughts on the songs from the 2nd semi-final and I have included whether I like the live on tape or the live performance better. The link below is a playlist of all the songs from the Semi-final 2. Send me a comment if you agree or disagree with my thoughts. I ran out of time for the last few countries to have a deep analysis on their performances.

Eurovision Semi Final 2 playlist

Starting positionCountryMy personal ThoughtsLive on tape or live on stage
1stSan Marino Artist: Senhit Song: AdrenalinaThe influence of Flo Rida helped get the song into the final, but didn’t help win over the public as it only received 13 points. There was curiosity from the public and Eurovision fans alike because it wasn’t confirmed that Flo Rida would be on stage with Senhit until the 18th may, which was just before the dress rehearsals. The spinning plumbob on stage gave the performance some movement that allowed Senhit to focus on her vocals. The very moment that Flo Rida hits the stage can be easily missed if the person has no prior knowledge of him being included in the song. Overall the hype from including Flo Rida , the headpiece or the song didn’t really pay off as they still landed on the right hand side of the scoreboard.Live on stage
Artist: Uku Suviste
Song: The Lucky One
The live on stage performance brings nothing to help the song stand out among all the other entries. The symbolism with the chains from the live on tape performance helps to emphasises the action of moving forward as portrayed in the lyrics. I feel that this message is missed on stage without the chains and doesn’t give the audience something to focus on to keep their attention. I think Estonia needs to try another genre or send a song in Estonian to help it stand out.Live on tape
Czech Republic
Artist: Benny Cristo
Song: Omaga
The attempt to bring energy to the stage with this song failed because Benny and his dancers lacked enough stage presence to fill the emptiness. They tried to use very colourful visuals on the back screen and a golden jacket for Benny to keep the attention of the audience. A full audience around the stage might have elevated the vibe and energy of the song for the people at home. This song was a victim of the current circumstances and in a pre-pandemic year might have done much better. I feel like he relied on the back vocals a bit too much to cover or boost his own vocal ability. The only part that sounded great was the Czech language. I would love to hear a whole song or 2/3rds of the song in the native language for 2022.Live on stage
Artist: Stefania
Song: Last Dance
The staging was a risky choice because the green screen technology. The casual viewer of Eurovision that didn’t follow the rehearsals wouldn’t know that it was green screen and the flaws that came with it. It was clear to people whom follow the competition from song announcement to grand final that Greece almost got the staging right, with the exceptions of the black shadows from the dancers body parts. The use of the green screen and her vocals help get her to the final to end up in 10th place. Live on stage
Artist: Vincent Bueno
Song: Amen
The staging was just two rows of lights and a raised black catwalk, with the lights changing from white to gold for the last chorus. There was only 1 visual aspect that viewers might have paid attention to and that was his sparkling coat. The song and the staging had the vibe of a funeral. Neither
Artist: Rafal
Song: the Ride
This was a mess vocally and if he’d had the chance to perform in front of the crowd, it might have gone better. Poland had the choice to use 2nd rehearsal footage or the live on tape performance for their entry in case the artist tested positive for covid-19. Rafal did test positive for covid-19 on the day of the turquoise carpet. Poland might have made it to the final with the live on tape footage as it was much better vocally. The visuals were very 80’s and neon which suited the song. Live on tape
Artist: Natalia Gordienko
Song: sugar
This was 2nd performance in the grand final that had a rotating platform, this one was shaped in a square. The vocals were good and included one of the longest notes in Eurovision history, that helped it get to the final. Natalia joined the groups of females dressed in silver. The only form of sugar was the male dancers, which was disappointing because there was an opportunity to have the meme worthy ice creams and lollies on the screen behind her.Live on stage
Artist: Daði og Gagnamagnið
Song: 10 years
Iceland found itself in the same situation as Poland, the only difference was the quality in the 2nd rehearsal footage. This meant they used it and still made the final even though they couldn’t perform live for both shows. The performance is perfect for Daði og Gagnamagnið as it is quirky and full of personality that would have been a crowd pleaser. The choir was made up of people from all around the world that sent in audio clips and included Jendrik.Live on tape
Artist: Hurricane
Song: Loco Loco
The staging was very simple as a disco ball was their only physical prop, used from the 2nd chorus on wards. Most of the staging was done by the screen, lights, wind machine and pyrotechnics . It had a certain kind of energy that was loved by the general public and Eurovision fans because the song received more televotes than jury points. Personality I thought it was 3 out of 5.Live on tape
Artist: Tornike Kipiani
Song: You
It was very basic staging that went along with the very bland and almost lullaby quality of the song. It would have been better for 2020’s song to be the 2021 entry as it had a much better chance in terms of energy and staging possibility.
There was no chance for this song to reach the grand final.
Live on tape
Artist: Anxhela Peristeri
Song: Karma
The screen at the back is put to good use throughout the performance and added to the drama of the song. The lights complemented the visuals and the dramatic instrumentation of the song. I would have liked to see her wear something else apart from a silver dress/bodysuit. It proved that entry in Albanian has more power to reach the final compared to a English revamp.Live on stage
Artist: The Black Mamba
Song: Love Is On My Side

The song is the 1st English entry from Portugal, which might hurt it’s chances to reach the final. The pace of the song is nice to put in the background at a party, but its not very competitive. My feelings towards the song after hearing the backstory hasn’t changed.Neither
Artist: Victoria
Song: Growing Up Is Getting Old
3 out of 5

Live on stage
14th Finland
Artist: Blind Channel
Song: Dark Side
This was great. 5 out of 5 Live on stage
Artist: Samanta Tina
Song: The Moon is Rising
This was very bad and cringe . 0 out of 5 Live on stage
Artist: Gjon’s Tears
Song: Tout l’Univers
One of my favourites 5 out of 5 Live on stage
Artist: Fyr & Flamme
Song: Øve Os På Hinanden
This was good but it didn’t need the running from the main stage to the B stage and back. 3 out of 5 Live on tape

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