How I found Stray Kids

changbin, han ,i.n., bang chan, lee know, felix, seungmin and Hyunjin standing in front of a black and white background
Stray Kids Japan Showcase 2019 “Hi-STAY” 3rd Dec 2019

I was watching the Golden Disc Awards in 2019 and Stray Kids were accepting the Rookie Artist Award. I heard an Australian accent so I looked up the group, but it has taken me a few years to decide to follow or Stan them. I decided before August 1st 2019 that it would be the time to put my full support behind them or I’d never do it.

Bang Chan and Felix holding food behind blue background
ASC (after school club) Bang Chan and Felix , June 30 2020

The reasons why I stan Stray Kids

  • to support my fellow Australians Felix and Bang Chan
  • to have a active group for when BTS go to their Military service.

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