Kpop merch

I currently own merchandise from 4 Kpop groups.

Stray Kids
  • 4 posters
  • 1 Single – Christmas EveL
  • Light stick
  • holographic bag tag
  • 5 albums
    • in live
    • go live
    • noeasy
    • Oddinary – Frankenstein version
    • Maxident – Limited Edition / GO Ver.
  • Butter Single
  • BTS: The Best (Japanese album)
  • BE (essential edition)
  • BE
  • Map of the soul: the journey – Japanese release
  • 8 posters
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS edition
  • Proof Standard edition
  • Map of the soul 7 – all versions
  • Map of the soul: Persona – versions 1 and 4
  • Love yourself: Tear – version U
  • Love yourself: Her – version O
  • Love yourself: Answer – version S
  • Map of the soul special edition army bomb

  • Lightstick
  • pin

  • Lightstick
  • Apocalypse: save us
  • a round pin with all 6 members of VIXX
  • a bag tag with the words stray kids on both sides
  • a picture of the lightstick, pin and bag tag
  • a gold 6 sided hexagon that has a star with the words vixx wirtten in blue in the middle, each of the members names are written inside each point of the star
  • gold and navy blue lightstick held by the handle. the top part is turned on and looks like the stars
  • the top part of the gold and navy lit up to look like the stars
  • updated bookshelf with my kpop albums
  • height of BE compared to Map of the Soul: 7
  • BE twice a thick as 2 of Map of the soul :7
  • BE photo frame
  • BE photo book
  • BE album package open
  • BE outside packaging
  • BE making book
  • bts standing in an alley

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