Stray Kids and Lockdowns

In Melbourne Victoria, Australia we have had 2 lockdowns since March. The 1st lock down wasn’t too bad for me as an introvert. It was another matter altogether when it came to lock down 2.0 from July to October. This one was tougher due to having some freedom between each lock down. Over both the lock downs I found myself missing seeing people in person compared to over skype or zoom and hugging people.

bang chan and felix
Bang Chan and Felix on Chan’s room Ep. 59 – Australians

The one thing that helps with the no hugging rule is the Weekly Vlive live streams done by Bang Chan have become 1 hour of laughter and support from a distance that comes with a virtual hug at the end of every stream. Each stream feels like meeting a friend for a chat, it helps that bang Chan’s 1st language is English so he is able to communicate with international fans. This makes international stays feel included within the fandom.

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