BE album

Today I received my copy of BE by BTS and now half of my top shelf on my bookcase is now Kpop albums. The packaging is white with a matte texture that has BE and some of the lyrics to life goes on that you an feel with your fingers. The album is the same height as Stray Kids’s GO LIVE and 2 times as thick as 2 of Mots:7. The quality of the photo book and poster are to the same standard as Mots persona and Love yourself series.

The album contains:

  • 1 photo book
  • 1 making of book
  • track list/ thanks poster
  • 1 poster
  • 1 photo frame that includes the disc
  • 7 postcards
  • 1 Polaroid photo
  • 8 photo cards
  • bts standing in an alley
  • BE making book
  • BE outside packaging
  • BE album package open
  • BE photo book
  • BE photo frame
  • BE twice a thick as 2 of Map of the soul :7
  • height of BE compared to Map of the Soul: 7
  • updated bookshelf with my kpop albums

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