Semi-final 1 running order

Here is the running order for the first Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I have included my personal thoughts and whether I like the 2020 or 2021 entry better. Send me a comment if you agree or disagree with my thoughts.

Eurovision Semi Final 1 playlist

Starting positionCountryMy personal Thoughts2020 or 2021
1stLithuania Artist: The Roop Song: DiscotequeThe beat is good and more accessible to the general public compared to “on fire” and it will go down very well with the Eurovision fans. One disadvantage of knowing the sound of The Roop , is that it’s not a surprise to me so I know what to expect.2021
Artist: Ana Soklič
Song: Amen
It’s a ballad that falls under the sub theme of religious. This might stand out among all the up tempo songs but will need the jury to help it to get to the final.2021
Artist: Manizha
Song: Russian Woman
I like the attitude of the song and that it brings the ethnic vibe that I am sucker for. It is a bilingual song with Russian and English, which will help it stand out among all the English entries.2021
Artist: Tusse Song: Voices
One word comes to mind when I think about Sweden in Eurovision and that word is safe, which in my mind is not a good thing. I do like the instrumentation at the start of the song, the overall beat, the level of bass and the message. I wish Sweden took a risk for one year. Overall the song is nice but is only good not great, so it will struggle to get to the final.2020
5thAustralia Artist: Montaigne Song: TechnicolourMontaigne has improved since last year and the song is right up my alley. She has given herself a challenge with some of the notes but with practise, she will master them. The staging will need to right for Australia to keep the qualification record going.2021
6thNorth Macedonia Artist: Vasil Song: Here I StandI loved 2020’s entry but felt disappointed when I heard the ballad that we have been giving this year from North Macedonia. This will struggle to get out of the semis without the right staging.2020
Artist: Lesley Roy Song: Maps
I struggled to get into maps at first but after many listens it has grown on me. Maps makes you feel the momentum in the song so you know it is leading somewhere. It falls into the good category for me but we will see if the staging can elevate the song to great.2021
Artist: Elena Tsagrinou Song: El Diablo
The song is loud and in your face that it could be seen a wall of sound, this is not a good thing in my books. It also falls under the sub theme of religious due to it’s title. This song might rub certain parts of the general public the wrong way so it’s hard to tell if it will get to the final.2020
Artist: Tix Song: Fallen Angel
The song is good but simple with an cheesy element that might make it a guilty pleasure for some. The staging from the national final added to the cheesiness, so I hope that there can be different staging for the live shows.2020
Artist: Albina Song: Tick-Tock
It is a bilingual song with Croatian and English, which will help it stand out among all the English entries. I love the energy that the song gives out, its a breath of fresh air after the balled of last year. It needed to grow on me but now is one of my most played songs.2021
Artist: Hooverphonic Song: The Wrong Place
I love the vibe of the song, the attitude that comes out in the song and the story line. It is a bit faster than last year’s, but it will stand out among all the up tempo songs. It can be sung along to very easily. The staging will need to be perfect for Belgium to reach the final.2021
Artist: Eden Alene

Song: Set Me Free

I got attached to the 1st revamp , so that meant it needed time for me to like the final version of the song. It is a bilingual song with Hebrew and English, which will help it stand out among all the English entries. I wish there was more Hebrew in the song.
The last chorus is a bit risky with the high notes especially the whistle notes, if done right the notes will help the song stand out. On the other hand if Eden fails to do the notes perfectly , it will bad. Overall I love this song and think it will make the grand final.
13thRomania Artist: Roxen Song: AmnesiaThe message of the song is very strong and is helped by the music video, with all the dancers and the choreography showing the feelings in the song. It’s an mid tempo ballad that will grab your attention. I hope Roxen can do something like the music video on state as that will have the same impact on the general public and Eurovision fans.

14thAzerbaijan Artist: Efendi Song: Mata HariI love both songs from Efendi but I feel Mata Hari is more suitable for the general public as there is more to keep their attention than Cleopatra had. The ethnic vibe throughout the song and the right staging will help it to stand out.2021
Artist: Go_A Song: SHUM
I loved the original form of the song but the revamp shows off the best parts that will keep the audience’s attention. It’s starts of slowly, then becomes quicker and finally reaches the peak tempo, so by this time you will be bopping your head and moving your body without knowing it. Each of the tempo changes keep your attention so that you feel like the song is shorter than is really is. The white voice technique is softer in Shum compared to Solovey. Overall I love this song and hope that the audience will love it too2021
Artist: Destiny Song: Je Me Casse
Destiny’s two entries shows 2 sides of her, the side shown in Je Me Casse is the independent woman. This might be a bit in people’s faces because of the theme of the song. Her voice has improved since “all of my love”. The overall brass sound takes me back to the UK’s entry in 2015, which may not bring back good memories for some people. Overall the song is loud and proud which kinda puts me off a bit, but we will see if the staging can help tone down the loudness.2020

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