The Big 5 and Host country

Here are my personal thoughts on the big 5 and the host country entries. I have included whether I like the 2020 or 2021 entry better. The link below is a playlist of all the songs from the Big 5 and host Country. Send me a comment if you agree or disagree with my thoughts.

The Big 5 and Host country

CountryMy personal Thoughts2020 or 2021
Artist: Måneskin Song: Zitti E Buoni
I love the rock sound and think Eurovision needs more rock songs for fans to accept the genre. Rock in Italian sounds amazing and the strings that were in the national final really added a touch of class. They seem to be missing from the studio version, which is sad.2021
France Artist: Barbara Pravi Song: VoilàI respect that the song is in French and that she she has a good voice. Personally the song is not my kind of music that I listen to, but it does fall into the great category competition wise. Anyone that loves French ballads that shows off passion will like this song.2021
Germany Artist: Jendrik Song: I Don’t Feel HateThe music is catchy and is an ear worm that won’t leave your head for a few hours. The message being portrayed is simple and a bit too cheesy for my liking. Overall the song is the perfect Eurovision song from a casual Eurovision fan who only watches the show to mock all the songs.2020
Artist: Blas Cantó
Song: Voy A Quedarme
The song is beautifully sung by Blas and has the same quality as last year’s song. The use of Spanish will help it standout among the ballads. His high notes are perfect in the last chorus to make sure that it stays in the memories of Eurovision fans and the general public.2020
United Kingdom Artist: James Newman Song: EmbersThis song is more upbeat compared to “My last breath” and is radio friendly, which will help people to like it much more. I want to hear embers live before the rehearsals, so I can hear if he can sing a dance track and make it sound good. My thoughts may change after hearing a live version.2020
The Netherlands Artist: Jeangu Macrooy Song: Birth Of A New AgeThe song joins the other bilingual song by the use of English and Sranan tongo. The message is a deep one, that put together with a strong melody that has tribal sounds and you have a stand out song. This is a much needed improvement from last year’s “Grow”.2021

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