Semi-final 2 running order

Here is the running order for the second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. I have included my personal thoughts and whether I like the 2020 or 2021 entry better. Send me a comment if you agree or disagree with my thoughts.

Eurovision Semi Final 2 playlist

Starting positionCountryMy personal Thoughts2020 or 2021
1stSan Marino Artist: Senhit Song: AdrenalinaThe beat is very catchy that has an ethnic vibes that I love. This song has a good chance of making it into the grand final, which is saying a lot because of San Marino’s track record. The addition of Flo Rida might be a help or a hindrance depending on how the jury and general public feel about the song.2021
Artist: Uku Suviste
Song: The Lucky One
The song is synth heavy which fits in with the retro tend being embraced by many artists. The listener needs to focus on the song while its playing otherwise it just becomes background music. It doesn’t feel competitive to me although I can’t fault the quality in the song. I feel it is going to struggle to qualify for the final.2021
Czech Republic
Artist: Benny Cristo
Song: Omaga

The song is much better than last year’s entry that had way too many revamps. I worry that it might get lost and maybe forgotten because Omaga lacks a unique feature for it to stand out. This can be fixed with the right staging
Artist: Stefania
Song: Last Dance
This song has a more mature sound than her entry last year and embraces the 80’s sound in the chorus. Her voice is very strong and very clear. There is nice build up in the pre-chorus that lead to a epic chorus. The right staging will make sure that the song will be remembered by the general public and fans when it comes to voting. 2021
Artist: Vincent Bueno
Song: Amen
This song is not the kind of music that I like listening to, but it might be suited to ballad lovers so it could stand out depending on the staging. Here is a warning for anyone who will have drinking games to not include the song title as one of the rules because the person will not survive the 3 mins. 2020
Artist: Rafal
Song: the Ride
This one is pure 80’s with the visuals, sound and styling. It is one of my guilty pleasures just like Belgium 2015. This will need the perfect staging for it to make it to the final and it might make the right hand side of the board. Any 80’s fans will love it. 2021
Artist: Natalia Gordienko
Song: sugar
Sugar is more mainstream than prison, which will help bring in the televotes as I don’t see the jury giving the song many or any points at all. I can see the song being a guilty pleasure for many people. It will be interesting to see how Moldova stages the song.2021
Artist: Daði og Gagnamagnið
Song: 10 years
10 years is just as catchy as think about things and I wonder if the viral success of last year’s song brought the retro trend into the contest. The sound is still unique to them including the dance moves, but people that heard think about things are at a disadvantage as we know the sound and little quirks. It will be new to the general public that didn’t hear the 2020 entry.2020
Artist: Hurricane
Song: Loco Loco
This was a wall of sound when I first heard the song, so it is a grower which is not great for songs in the semi-finals. The one way it can stand out is by the use of the Serbian language. There is energy within the song so that may appeal for some viewers.2020
Artist: Tornike Kipiani
Song: You
The sound Georgia have gone for this year is completely the opposite of last year, which I loved. This year we have been given a lullaby that will put viewer to sleep, especially the Australians watching live from 5am. This is in a similar situation as Austria in the running order, which gives it a chance with the ballad lovers. 2020
Artist: Anxhela Peristeri
Song: Karma
I love that the song has been kept in Albanian instead of changing it into English. The use of native language and the ethnic instrumentation makes it stand out. The revamp has improved the song so much that it might have a chance to get into the grand final.2021
Artist: The Black Mamba
Song: Love Is On My Side

The song is the 1st English entry from Portugal, which might hurt it’s chances to reach the final. The pace of the song is nice to put in the background at a party, but its not very competitive. My feelings towards the song after hearing the backstory hasn’t changed.Neither
Artist: Victoria
Song: Growing Up Is Getting Old
I preferred last year’s song because the overall vibe of the song was nice and comforting. This year the song feel much longer than it actually is, that is not a good sign. The staging will need to perfect for the general public to vote for the song. The jury on the other hand will love the song because it shows Victoria and her song writers know what they are doing when it comes to music.

14th Finland
Artist: Blind Channel
Song: Dark Side
This song gives me Linkin Park and The Rasmus vibes and it takes me back to when I was a teenager/young adult. Dark side had a great reception at a recent preview party. This shows off how well Finland does metal and alt rock. 2021
Artist: Samanta Tina
Song: The Moon is Rising
Both of her songs have not been my kind of music, although many people are liking this song. This will get the televotes but I’m not sure the jury will give many points because of the experimental style of music.neither
Artist: Gjon’s Tears
Song: Tout l’Univers
Last year’s song made me cry, which is a complement to Gjon’s Tears. This year I needed a bit a time to get used to Tout l’Univers, after a few listens it became one of my favourites. His voice is doesn’t disappoint especially his high notes. This is only 1 of 2 songs being sung in French so if it makes the final , there won’t be much competition. If the staging uses imagery from the music video, it will stand out. 2020
Artist: Fyr & Flamme
Song: Øve Os På Hinanden
I feel like this duo has time travelled straight from the 80’s, with their dress sense and dance moves. This song brings back the Danish language after 24 years so hopefully, it helps get them to the final.2020

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