The Big 5 and Host country final thoughts

Here are my final thoughts on the big 5 and the host country entries. I have included whether I like the live on tape or the live performance better. The link below is a playlist of all the songs from the Big 5 and host Country. Send me a comment if you agree or disagree with my thoughts.

The Big 5 and Host country

CountryMy personal ThoughtsLive on tape or live on stage
Artist: Måneskin Song: Zitti E Buoni
The song was one of my favourite from the moment I heard it and has remained a firm favourite. Most the Eurovision community and general public has come to love the song. I love that rock was embraced at Eurovision so much that it won. I hope to hear a version with an orchestra next year.
Live on stage
France Artist: Barbara Pravi Song: VoilàThe song was a hit with the juries and the voting public as it came 2nd . It was a simple performance that focused on Barbara and her voice. Her passion could be seen via her hand movements, as they got bigger and faster as the song got closer to the end. It was a win for the French language as 2nd and 3rd were in French.Live on stage
Germany Artist: Jendrik Song: I Don’t Feel HateThe staging was loud and chaotic which mates with the song. Unfortunately it was not a hit with the public or the juries as Germany had a score of o. This is nothing new for German entries as they are used to coming in the bottom 5. after a break of over a month, I can see that the song is good to have on in the background so its ok without the busy nature of the music video or live performance.Live on stage
Artist: Blas Cantó
Song: Voy A Quedarme
The performance was elevated by having the audience on the side acting as stars helped make the song feel more powerful. It featured a 6 metre inflatable moon. It wasn’t enough to make it stay in the minds of voters. Over a month after Eurovision, hearing the song still brings tears to my eyes.Live on stage
United Kingdom Artist: James Newman Song: EmbersJames tried but fell flat with his energy levels. The attempt to distract with the giant trumpets and pryo added at last minute didn’t work so the UK deserves the 0 points it shared with Spain, Germany and The Netherlands. The song is ok if you forget about the live performance.Live on stage
The Netherlands Artist: Jeangu Macrooy Song: Birth Of A New AgeHost nations have the opportunity to bring a unique song and performance to show the best of their country’s culture and history. This song brings to light a hidden part of history from The Netherlands that the general public needed to know. The message of the song got a bit lost on the voting public as the host nation received o points overall. I still love the song in the same way I heard it for the 1st time.Live on stage

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